Our Expertise


Open Source Hosting

There are many applications available in the world of OSS. You can get enterprise solutions off the ground without having to reinvent the wheel. Let us find some software that will meet your needs and host it for you. We're well-versed and well-equipped to configure and host applications of all types.  We're ready to setup the following technologies and more: Node.js, PHP, MySQL, PosgreSQL, MariaDB

Scale as Needed

Because your application will be hosted in our containerized Docker environment, we can quickly scale resources to offer redundancy and handle increased load.

Custom Development

Whether your code base is in PHP, JavaScript, C#, Python, or any other language under the sun, we can work with you to develop the required solution.  We also have extensive background in developing on top of Relativity's eDiscovery platform and can meet your organization's needs with custom application development to support your workflow.

Ready Out-of-the-Box

If you just need a simple solution to host your own GitLab, get your domain's e-mail setup, or have a quick WordPress site put into action, don't hesitate to reach out.  Nothing is too small and we can have you up and running super quickly.